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Terms & Conditions


Jess Hadden encourages you to confirm your space on an expedition as early as possible in order to avoid disappointment and to secure the best airfares. Reservations are confirmed once we receive the initial deposit along with a completed and signed Reservation and Release of Liability Form from each traveler. All prices are quoted in AUD and must be paid in AUD. Per person pricing is based on double occupancy. The Solo Rate is paid by participants who specifically request single accommodations and is subject to availability. If you are traveling alone and wish to share accommodations, we will try to match you with a roommate of the same gender. However, if a roommate is not available, the published solo rate will be charged. Upon confirming your reservation, you will be required to pay the published Solo Rate, if we are able to pair you with a roommate, the supplement will be refunded at the time that the final trip payment is due for all participants. Please note that solo accommodations are limited and cannot always be guaranteed throughout. 



A percentage of the trip cost, outlined separately for each trip will confirm your place on the expedition. 

The final balance is due 90 days prior to departure. 

All prices are quoted in AUD and must be paid in AUD. 

Additional costs associated with your expedition, including but not limited to airfare, private pre- or post-tour travel arrangements, visa fees, and equipment, are subject to their own terms & conditions which will be outlined at time of booking. 



In order to cancel your Jess Hadden photo expedition, you must notify us in writing. At the time that written notification is received, the following cancellation penalties will apply: 

  • 150 days or more prior to departure: Full refund 

  • 91 through 149 days prior to departure: 50% of expedition fare 

  • 1 through 90 days prior to departure: 100% of expedition fare 

We encourage all clients to purchase Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance as coverage against a covered unforeseen emergency that may force you to cancel or leave an expedition while it is in progress. No partial refunds are possible for any unused portion of your trip. In the unfortunate event that you must cancel before departure, refunds will be returned less the cancellation fees outlined above plus any additional non-refundable cancellation fees and payments already advanced to airlines, hotels and local service providers. Failure to deliver complete payment 90 days prior to departure will be considered notification of cancellation by default and is subject to cancellation charges as stated above. Jess Hadden reserves the right to deny participation to anyone whom it deems unsuitable for a trip. 

We also highly recommend Emergency Medical and Evacuation Insurance, which can be included in your Trip Cancellation policy and would provide worldwide emergency assistance and coverage if you were to suffer a medical emergency during the trip. 



All expedition arrangements are subject to change and Jess Hadden reserves the right to change an expedition’s itinerary, dates, expedition leaders, or accommodations as the situation warrants. If a trip must be delayed or the itinerary changed due to political unrest, strikes, logistical problems that may impede trip operations, severe weather, road conditions, transportation delays, government intervention, airline schedules, illness, or other contingencies for which Jess Hadden or his agents cannot make provision, the cost of delays or changes is not included. 

Jess Hadden reserves the right to cancel any trip prior to departure for any reason whatsoever, including force majeure (acts of God, war, labor strikes, earthquake, flooding, etc.), logistical problems that may impede trip operations, or insufficient sign-ups. If a trip is cancelled due to force majeure (acts of God, war, labor strikes, earthquake, flooding, etc.), Jess hadden will promptly refund the portion of the trip cost not already advanced to suppliers and use its best efforts to recover and refund the balance as promptly as possible; however, this cannot be guaranteed. The refund of payments received shall release Jess Hadden from any further liability. A trip with insufficient sign-ups would normally be cancelled a minimum of two months prior to departure. Jess Hadden is not responsible for expenses incurred by trip members in preparing for a cancelled trip (e.g., nonrefundable advance purchase air tickets, visa fees, inoculations, equipment, etc.) or for any additional arrangements should the trip member have embarked prior to the scheduled group departure date. 



There is no refunds for no sightings of sought after wildlife. 

Whale sharks, humpback whales, manta rays and all of the other animals that inhabit Ningaloo Reef are completely wild and are not trained, encouraged or coerced in any way to interact with passengers or crew. They can at times be unpredictable and the location and/or duration of time taken to locate them cannot be guaranteed or predicted by Jess Hadden, crew or management. 


Participants on a Jess Hadden Photo expedition are held responsible for being in sufficiently good physical and mental health to undertake the expedition. We would be happy to counsel you on the requirements for each trip and whether the expedition you have selected is appropriate for you, but it is the participant’s responsibility to prepare for the trip by studying the itinerary and pre-departure information provided and by bringing the appropriate clothing and equipment as advised therein. It is crucial that any medical problems and related dietary restrictions are made known to us at the time of reservation and/or well in advance of the trip’s departure. The expedition leader has the right to deny participation to anyone deemed unsuitable for the trip and/or if continued participation will jeopardize either the individual involved or the group. There will be no refund given under these circumstances. 



Due to many factors beyond our control we reserve the right to change our prices as or when circumstances dictate. Our tour price does not have an allowance to cover dramatic increases from fuel costs or currency fluctuations. Therefore, Jess Hadden has the right to initiate a rate surcharge at any time before departure if there are exceptional cost increases beyond our control. 



Luggage size and weight limitations for both checked and carry-on luggage are imposed by the airlines or as an operational requirement due to type of aircraft used within each program. Detailed information will be provided in the individual trip documentation. Each participant is responsible for making sure that they have the necessary and valid travel documents including a passport valid for six months after your return home, visas and immunizations where necessary. 



Jess Hadden and its assigns, reserve the right to take photographic or film records of any of its trips. Individual participants should be aware that Jess Hadden may use any such photographic or film records for promotional and/or commercial purposes, or joint marketing efforts with third parties, without remuneration to the trip members. 



Jess Hadden gives notice that it does not own or operate any entity that provides services for your expedition, including but not limited to transportation providers, hotel accommodations, food service providers, local guides and porters, equipment suppliers, ground and safari operators, etc. These services are purchased from various independent suppliers who are not affiliated with Jess Hadden in any way. Jess Hadden, employees, officers, or contractors shall not be held liable for any negligent or wilful act or failure to act of any such person or entity, nor for any act or inaction of any other third party not under its control. Without limitation Jess Hadden is not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damage, injury, death, loss, accident, delay, inconvenience, or irregularity of any kind which may be occasioned by reason of any act or omission beyond its control, including, without limitation, any willful or negligent act, failure to act, or breach of contract of any third party, such as an airline, train, hotel, restaurant or food supplier, bus, taxi, van, or safari operator, or local outfitter or guide, whether or not it uses the Jess Hadden name, which is expected to or does supply any goods or services for your expedition. Jess Hadden cannot be liable for any loss, injury, death, or inconvenience due to delay or changes in schedule; overbooking or downgrading of accommodations; technical problems of any aircraft, vessel, automotive vehicle or other equipment or instrumentality; strikes; war; insolvency default of any third party; acts of government; bites or attacks by animals, insects or pests; sickness; the lack of appropriate medical care; evacuation to same, if necessary; weather; strikes; acts of God; acts of terrorism or the threat thereof; quarantine; epidemics or the threat thereof; criminal activity; or any other cause beyond its control. In no event will Jess Hadden be responsible for incidental, consequential or special damage or loss suffered by any person. By confirming your participation in this expedition, you understand, agree with, and agree to be legally bound by the terms of the release and waiver of liability set forth herein. 

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